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Noble House At Home Recipes - Honey & Miso Butter Whole Roast Chicken

Next up in our Noble House At Home series of recipes we have this South-East Asian twist on a Sunday roast; Honey & Miso Butter Whole Roast Chicken.

This recipe works wonderfully alongside traditional Sunday lunch accompaniments, as well as more Asian ingredients like sticky rice and steamed broccoli. It’s also delicious between two slices of bread with mayo and black pepper on a Monday!

We hope you enjoy making this at home and please share your creations with us on Instagram @noblehouseevents.

Honey & Miso Butter Whole Roast Chicken

Serves 4


1 medium sized Chicken 1.5-2kg bird (for best results choose corn fed)

For the butter:

· 100g unsalted butter

· 30g honey

· 30g white miso paste

· ½ teaspoon rice vinegar

· 1 teaspoon of chopped thyme

· 1 clove of garlic chopped

For the gravy:

· 200ml good quality chicken stock

· All the roasting juices and proteins left in the roasting tray

· Light soy sauce to taste

· Corn flour if needed

· ½ lemon


How to stuff under the chicken skin:

1. Begin with the butter mix by softening the butter and mixing everything listed together until well incorporated.

2. Using gloves or thoroughly washed hands, loosen the skin from the surface of the chicken, taking care not to tear it. You can do this by sticking your first and second fingers between the skin and the meat, starting from the breast near the neck and having the legs pointing away from you, then moving your fingers carefully over the surface of the bird. You can also do it with a teaspoon, rounded side out, if preferred.

3. Evenly spread the butter all over the inside of the gap made between the skin and breast meat, leaving about 10% of the butter to rub over the outside skin.

4. Season the bird with a little salt and pepper all over the top, bottom and inside the cavity, then rub the left-over butter over the crown (two breasts) of the bird.

Cooking instructions:

5. Preheat the oven to 200°C (180°C fan oven) and place foil on a large oven tray. Centre the chicken on the tray and place into the middle of the hot oven for 8mins. After this time reduce the oven heat to 160°C (140°Cfan oven) and loosely cover the chicken with foil and continue to cook for 30 mins.

6. Take the foil off the chicken and turn the oven back up to 180°C (160°C fan oven) to crisp the skin lightly, for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to burn your chicken at this stage as the natural sugars in the butter will catch if left too long.

7. Take out once the chicken is a dark golden and juices run clear - cooking times may vary. Cover and allow to rest for 20 mins on the tray to collect all the natural juices to finish your sauce.

To make the gravy:

8. Scrape any juices and protein from the roasting tray and scoop into a small pot or pan. Using a roasting fork and strong tongs, tip the bird by holding the wings each side and pour all the collected resting juices out.

9. To this juice add 200ml of good quality chicken stock and bring to a gentle boil. Add a splash of soy, a squeeze of lemon, then thicken with cornflour if desired. Now pass your stock through a sieve to remove any lumps.

10. Carve the chicken breast and pull the leg and wing meat from the bone, cover with the gravy and serve.


Bringing people together around delicious food is at the heart of everything we do at Noble House; we hope you will enjoy cooking this delicious roast at home.

We will always be here for you, and we can’t wait to talk to you about your future catering requirements whether at home or in the workplace; please do get in touch with our team at


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